Our Technology

To produce the highest quality products, streamline our operations, minimize human error and simplify time-consuming tasks, we invest in the latest technology including state-of-the-art equipment, dynamic internet-based tools and efficient workflow systems in an effort to deliver your message with consistency and continuity whether in print, CD/DVD, the web or social media. These innovative technologies automate processes, eliminate steps, reduce costs and, quite frankly, make your (and our) lives easier.

Wide Format Printing

Wide format printing is an excellent way to use different types of media to expose your brand to the market in unique and creative ways. Large format printing is a growing trend in advertising - from point-of-purchase displays to banners, billboards, and trade show graphics.

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Print on Demand

Print on Demand technology allows our customers to integrate online ordering, personalization, production and fulfillment with a multi-channel web services solution that automates these processes. From job submission and tracking, to development of customizable storefronts and template design, variable data publishing (VDP) functionality, campaign management, mailing list purchasing, digital asset management, inventory control and integration with production workflow.

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Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Cross-Media Campaigns

With VDP technology, we provide our customers a wide range of applications for combining data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized messages. Operating on both MAC and PC platforms, images can be used within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles. From customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters or targeted direct mail campaigns, personalized print marketing solutions deliver meaningful and relevant information by tapping into existing customer or acquiring data files from outside sources. Personalized graphic communication, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases.

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InSite makes Internet-based communication between you and Custom Printers a convenient reality, streamlining the process of job submission, job-status tracking, on-line collaboration, and remote proofing. With secure, controlled web access, customers log in online to see the status of their jobs.

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Custom Printers is proud to be a G7 certified master printer. The G7 standard was developed to take into consideration advancements in technology and puts a higher importance on Lab color space (read more below) and gray values compared to SWOP, which emphasizes Density and Dot Gain. We are measuring color…. not ink thickness. What this means to our clients is a closer match from proof to press.

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JDF Workflow

By implementing a JDF workflow we've taken an important step toward process automation by using an industry-approved specification that can improve process efficiency by increasing throughput, reducing costs, creating better reports and analysis, minimizing manual intervention and redundant work, and providing faster and more accurate billing.

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Conventional & Digital Printing

Custom Printers is a full service commercial sheet-fed printer with 10 presses ranging 1 color to 6 colors, with capabilities including the full production, from design to delivery, of business cards to annual reports and everything in between. Big Deal, right? Not really, all printers have hardware that looks good on an equipment list. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with the products and services you want to buy instead of trying to sell you the products and services we want to make.

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Page 8 – Web Design and Development

Page 8 is about continuity of message. It's about making sure that your brand is represented consistently and intuitively on the web. And we're not just talking about look and feel. We're talking about the intelligent application of emerging technologies in a manner that says something about your organization's commitment to the way it engages its customers. We call it simple sophistication... cutting edge technology, filtered through razor sharp minds and applied practically so everyone is on the same page.

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