Green with Energy (and envy)

Every commercial printer claims to be a “green” printer. The fact is, few truly are. In West Michigan, Custom Printers stands alone in addressing the biggest environmental issue facing printers today – the energy required to produce your printed product. In addition to recycling our waste and printing with agricultural-based inks and solvents, Custom Printers uses 100% Clean Wind Power Energy in the production of all your printed materials.

EPA Certified.

Every computer, every press, all bindery equipment, even our T8 energy efficient factory lamps use 100% clean wind power! As a Green Power Partner we’ve been certified by the EPA which enables you to place a pair of meaningful logos on your printed piece: the Clean Watts logo and the Energy Certified logo, along with the statement, “Printed with 100% New Wind Energy.” Over the course of one year, our commitment to wind energy displaces over 1.98 million pounds of carbon monoxide from being emitted into the environment. By choosing us as your print partner, in addition to emissions not generated, you’ve also reduced the environmental impact in terms of natural gas saved and/or number of trees not harvested.

With so many companies claiming to be “green”, you can feel confident that Custom Printers is certifiably green.

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